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Q. What are the correct dimensions and format for uploaded images?

A. Images should be at least 800w x 600h to display properly, maximum 1400w x 1000h. Images can be either .jpeg or .png (preferred).

Q. How many portfolio images can I include in my profile?

A. Depends. Each plan allows a certain number of images, as follows:
BASIC – 6 images
Pro – 12 images
ENTERPRISE – 24, but more available on request.

Q. How can I link my image to additional images or another page, such as a case study with many pages?

A. If you want to include an outgoing link from your portfolio description, this link should point to a url on your own site, or to the url of the website represented by the uploaded image.

Q. How can I edit my description, or other information in my profile?

A. Simply click the “Edit Listing” button at the bottom of your profile, and you will be able to edit most of your information, Certain items such as specialty, are not user-editable and can only be changed by contacting us directly.

Q. How can I remove, replace, edit or re-order my images?

A. Click on the “Edit Listing” button at the bottom of your profile, and scroll down to your images. From here, you can edit or replace your anchor image, and your portfolio images. To re-order your portfolio images, simply drag and drop your images to the order you prefer.

Q. How can I make my profile more visible?

A. Generally speaking, the more images you include in your profile, the higher your listing will appear in our directory. This rule applies to every level, including sponsorship levels. Additional details can be found on our Methodology page. Please contact us to learn more about sponsorships and/or custom plans.

Q. My agency provides services in more than one category. How can I get listed under multiple specialties?

A. Please contact us directly to discuss a custom plan for your agency.

Q. Can I speak with a real person?

A. Absolutely! We believe in providing incomparable support. We’re generally available M-F 10-5 EST. Please fill out one of our contact forms, and we’ll gladly share our phone number, or we can call you directly, if you prefer.