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Guidelines for Contributors

About Our Audience

WebBuilderZone is a platform where web design professionals and other web service agencies can showcase their best work. It is a visual experience that enables buyers and prospective clients the opportunity to examine and compare past bodies of work to find the perfect agency for their project.

As such, our visitors have a keen interest in learning more about how the web works, and what factors influence the success or failure of any web design project. We look for articles that are written with this audience in mind. We publish articles relating to web design, SEO, eCommerce, WordPress and other platform tips and tricks, as well as articles relating to the business of the Internet.

Style and Pace

We prefer a clean, professional and modern approach to our articles, with an upbeat tempo designed to maximize interest and applicability for our readers. Please bring your own voice and writing style into your articles, and be sure to include facts when required to support your presentation. Articles should be friendly in tone, and not overly technical. Stories that appeal to the broadest demographics and/or address the most compelling topics are the most likely to be published.

Submission Advice

Submissions should be between approximately 250 and 1000 words. We reserve the right to edit as we feel necessary, to best serve both our visitors and our website. Submissions containing repeated grammatical or spelling errors, or profanity will be rejected. You will be notified when your article has been published, or if it has been rejected (and why).

If you would like to contribute to WebBuilderZone, all submissions (or questions) should be addressed to contributors@webbuilderzone.com.